B3flexible air hose 60mm


H05B3/00; H02H3/33; (IPC1-7): A47L15/air hose 41 which supplies air to inflate the flexible gasket which cooperates with means on the

Heat resistant hydrocarbon elastomer compositions

air ducts, fuel line covers, and vent hoses.ECP2 and blends B3-B4 were used to produce | Next Patent (Flexible underfill c) -

Dryer and printed material and the like

20071119- F26B3/28; F26B13/10; F27B9/28; (IPC1-7): F26B3/34; F26B13/00;flexible drying air hoses communicating with said drying air manifolds; and

Method and apparatus of lining pipes with environmentally

Classes: B05B13/06; B05B3/00; B05B3/10 an umbilical comprising at least one air hose,flexible high pressure hose at brackets on both


20151029-International Classes: B27B5/29; B27B3/28; B27hose, and a first blower configured to generate having a blade washer with flexible airf


20021220-(14) based on a sensed hose assembly temperatureInternational Classes: F16L53/00; H05B3/34 View wherein the heater device has a flex-f

Pipeline plug

DE102004023175B3 2005-12-08 GB2147682A 1985-hose for supplying fluids into said flexible bag,For reducing the amount of mastic, an airbag

Flexible hose sleeve for intake of control cable, has several

2008320-The flexible hose sleeve (10) has several bores or receptacles (18) aligned transversely to the longitudinal axis (16) of the flexible hose

Apparatus for coating textile hose

International Classes: D06B3/00 View Patent flexible hose with rubber by strongly stretching hose by compressed air, a springy cup and a


200837-air to an aircraft parked on the ground, the International Classes: F25B3/00 View Patent Imageswith one or more hoses, for supplying t

Coupling-piece for heatable flexible hoses

Abstract not available for EP0284669brAbstract of corresponding document: strongUS4815769/strongbrA connector for heatable hoses and a heatable

Fluid conduit with PTC fabric heating

H05B3/06; E03B7/12; F24H1/14; H05B3/58 a second inner hose configured to conduct a disadvantages when compared to flexible heating

Heatable hose (flexible tube)

2002219-The hose has a jacket (1) made of plastic and heating conductors (2). The heating conductors (2) are arranged in the jacket (1). They extend

Manufacture of reinforced elastomeric hose

B29D23/00; F25D3/10; (IPC1-7): B24B3/flexible mandrel coextensively therewith, then hose useful for example as hydraulic automotive

Air cooled helmet

A protective helmet adapted for distributing cooled air to the head of a son comprising an outer shell and an inner lining of open cell foam. A cool

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of a gaseous fluid, especially sterile air in

2002220-for food, drink and medicament packaging has flexible hoses with air holes B3 Abstract: Device for uniform distribution of a gaseous flui

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Fuel hose

Fuel hose United States Patent 6682796 Abstract: flexible fluororesin layer having a low gasoline Inner layer A2 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 Outer

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2002220-for food, drink and medicament packaging has flexible hoses with air holes B3 Abstract: Device for uniform distribution of a gaseous flui

Air gap cleaning method

2012720- (IPC1-7): A46B3/18; B08B1/00; B08B9/ 1. A method of cleaning an air gap in a hose, the wire handle being flexible, a

Bush connector joining flexible metal hose to vehicle exhaust

In the bush (3, 6) an integral clamping unit (7) secures the bush onto the pipe (1) or hose. integral clamping unit (7) secures the bush ont


air-borne particulate matter, the helmet having a A42B3/04; A42B3/22; A61F9/06; (IPC1-7)hose connection 43 for receiving a hose 44 from

using compressed air plant to inflate it through hoses

involves a compressed air plant wiht flexible hoses to inflate the E21D11/38 (IPC1-7): E02B3/16 E02D31/02 E21D11/38 Claims: 1


House, Paradise Place, Birmingham B3 3HP, GB) airflow, and a separator/collecter device for A flexible suction hose connects the main unit

Heatable media line

F16L53/00; H05B3/06; H05B3/58; F24H1/00 heater for a fluid in a flexible hosehousing containing an air volume for heat

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International Classes: H05B3/54; H05B3/34 a flexible heater including a first side and aair directly from the hose onto the skin without